how many times…?

well thats the most dreadful question that i would never want to hear!!!!! i dont like it when people ask me “how many times it is that u have finished studying???” i feel that its a ridiculous question..since if they couldnt finish it once how can they expect me to do so??? you know there are some Nerds who keep studying extensively that give the rest of the people who study a bad name!!! come on!!! we people dont study continuously at all!!! i waste more time than any other person ..i guess so? so never ever make the mistake of asking me that πŸ˜› i may snub you for a while!!! and be quite sarcastic even?! i wrote this post after 3 people asked me that recently!!!! and well for the last few days there’s been rain ,wind and me feeling bored with all this studying!!! Ah! atleast i know that im not alone in this!!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

anyways Best of luck!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

6 thoughts on “how many times…?”

  1. Only 3 ppl asked eh…
    Not bad ,dude…

    Every conversation between 2 starts off with this question only!

    Anyways,All the Best !

  2. Dude, it all depends on the 1`st impression you give. Ppl never ask me how much i have finished, they always ask me,”have you started?”. If I say yes, then the next question is, “Already?”. So, you must be a distinction student, for people to ask you that. Be, proud of it man! All the best!

  3. hmm.. i guess u shud decide on wat example i come into..
    2mrw i hav an exam and m abt to sleep now…did a bit o surfing..hehehehe!

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