Am bored!!!!


really!!! the last few days have been really boring!!! the power is down most of the day !!!! its raining most of the time due to the depression formed off the coast of Kerala that we are so close to..and it seems to continue i like that for the next few days!!! a friend of mine had her Tv’s picture tube spoilt so no tv!!!! i myself didnt have cable yesterday when the current did turn up that is!!! Thank God!!! some people are smsing!!! thats how i came to know that there’s been the Cargo ship Disaster at the Tannirbavi beach!!! it was a west-african ship Denden…2 people died and one more is also presumed to be dead..he went down with the ship i heard!!! added to it are rumours that our exam timetable has been changed!!! well i couldnt find it on the stupid VTU website anyway!!! Saturday evening saw me running around Mangalore trying to find that elusive Text book for electricals, i didnt get it 😦 and now have to make do with another one!!! all that in the rain!! one thing that cheers me up is that i got Ganesh’s slam book so atlast something to occupy my time!!! plus now learning Bar chords on the Guitar…damn painful for the fingers!!!


Author: inosaint

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8 thoughts on “Am bored!!!!”

  1. Hahaaa damn cool pic!! Exact representation!

    Me too, went out to buy those question banks, only to find out that they are out of stock 😦

    Yea, as Grey says, check out Tannirbhavi! Snoop around. Who knows, you could be the new Holmes in the making 😛

  2. Ah…been there, dont that. You gettin bored wen u gotta learn bar chords??!! HOW man, HOW?? Heres a little tip>>>
    When you can’t seem to reach at all d strings with ur finger, distort ur face…REALLY helps!!
    Bad about the cargo ship disaster….uncontrollable.

  3. @Grey… Hmm.. now that i think about it!!! i havnt been to that Beach in a long time !!!
    @Equi… Im not that Jobless 😛 plus..whats there to snoop around???
    @Sindhu…. Yes, it is!!!!
    @Shrutz… ya that D on the 5th fret is real Murder!!!!

  4. Man..I can understand your situation really well.. I’m goin through this infact..
    As for the VTU time table,it didnt change.. and you na..hehehehe! really, exams are around the corner and goin around buyin text books now??.. Rains rains everywhere… lucky you,…. Bloody,bangalore hasn’t had a drop of rain since many many days..its all wind and wind and lots of cool wind.. no sun to dry up my wet socks..toooo…:((
    Guitar?? Don ask me.. I jus envy my frns who play.. one bought a Jackson Kelly recently, Now their band is gonna play in chennai where A.R.Rahman is the judge.. 1st heavy metal band frm Vizag.. umm… Y-Zag.. hehe! They Rock really…. I mean..they Metal really…..Ciao! Ciao!

  5. Hmm.. well its rain and wind over here!!!! and the text book had to be bought since apparently some one stole my other one 😛
    yup saw the Y-zag pic on ur orkut album

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