Yes..finally the day of Workshop had come!!!!! we made it on time..but i had to miss my second breakfast!!!! 😛 so since its the first batch…we got Square fitting and L-Joint welding…Madhu had bought the Hacksaw Blades for me too ..but they proved to be bad for some reason…and all three broke within no time..leaving me to adjust with my old ones which i for some reason had dragged along with me that day!!! so somehow we were done with the model..and welding was excellent!!! So well the Viva was the bad usual. 😀 the guy was asking about Carpentry and Tin Smithy!!! the first Question : Whats Wood Seasoning?? there were two of us who were supposed to answer viva at the same time..i hadnt studied Carpentry nor Tin Smithy..for the reason that it wasnt taught in College and nor did any other class before this been asked Questions about it… so bluffed through both me and my friend…

the External then asked us “which branch??”

we said “EC”

he said ” You dont know the Basics na”

i said ” we dont actually use those things !! how are we supposed to know more??”

i dont remember what happened much …he asked us something about Anvils…Alloys..we did give some decent answers for Welding and the fitting Questions anyway..
Karthik screwed up his L-Fitting model i hear..and a friend of mine from another college discussed her past and future with the external!!!!
man !!! we are lucky its over!!!
we went to Iceberg to celebrate the End of Labs for the First Year!!! couldnt decide from the huge menu!!!! got drenched getting there and i got another cut on my left Index finger!!!

P.S. would have written about this post sooner..except for the fact that hands were paining really badly..couldnt text msg either much for one day!!!! and twitter tells me that karthik is going through the same thing now…

Author: inosaint

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9 thoughts on “Workshop!!!!”

  1. @kenneth : i’ll tell you the mess i created in workshop.. we got ‘L’ fitting na.. i cut it in a real horrible way.. it became more of a ‘Z’ shape.. not only me but even Karthik & Guru.. what was suppposed to be a rectangle in da end.. became a square for us..

    sad na..

    @sindhu : workshop is for the real strong and hard working people.. and for sure not me.. half thru i was so excited that i started filing faster and harder.. and my hands got bogged down.. when i came out.. i couldn’t even carry my bag.. and to add that i got a Data Strcutures from my Sister’s Friend to carry back home..

    btw da external was real nice.. he asked me questions about my family and stuff like that.. only!!.. finally i’m happy its over.. and phy is yet to come.. way to go 20th..

  2. It definitely is good to do it on your own. Workshop has always been fun for me. I kinda love seeing girls not being able to do things. But, meanwhile, hate seeing the drooling guys trying to help them out. Mixed views… anyways… chalo dude. You are in 1st year… enjoy college!

  3. @ karthik ..Nice to know 😛
    @ Ajan… how come u moved???
    @ ram…man!!! i know that feeling…although i dont see drolling guys 😛 hey also ..the girls were done with the models before the guys!!!

  4. Workshop was a real pain for me atleast…I always used to hate thursdays in 2nd sem for I had abck to back Graphics and workshop ! Thank god,its done !

    Btw, Iceberg eh? Its not so good na…

  5. yup iceberg aint that great!!! but well it was my first time there!!!
    and we are lucky never to have had graphics and workshop was cool!!!

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