Wasted Time

for the time being we have stopped attending classes..now dont be surprised ..the classes are over..and the Sems are approaching !!! My Physics Lab for instance is on 12th…so Study Holidays…which are a bunch of Crap!!! cause i dont see myself gettin any study done unless my Mom makes me sit and do it!!! Right now im bidding my Time Chatting on the Cell and also Online…and Readin SNOW…. I Missed out on the Class Trip to Sita Falls Today!!! since My Dad wouldn’t allow me to go ..since it was us who organised it and not the college ..morever no Lecturers were gonna come with us!! so that was the Last Word on tat topic!!  Karthik , Madhu and Akshata all have gone and here i am writin this Post..lets see what happens..

The First Year of Engg. has come to an end and i dont see myself anywhere!!! Except Bored!! When , O When can this torture End!!!

right now am waiting to watch “Pirates 3” on Thursday!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “Wasted Time”

  1. Me knows what you are going through…the cell phone is both a CURSE as well as a SAVIOUR through these times no?
    ANYWAY, study study…or “pretend study”…thats the only thing that will row your boat for you!!!

  2. hey i can’t tell you how much fun we guys had.. the water was lovely and cold.. i’m so sorry that you missed it.. btw i have uploaded the pics to my flickr page i.e.

    there are photos from brian’s cam too left and i’m editing the videos now.. You’ll find it soon on youtube..

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