Orkut Feeds

well this week Orkut added the option of adding ur feeds to ur profile ..of your Blogs..ur friends blogs and ur Picture Albums…this was introduced much in stealth i guess cause i didnt notice till the next day when Karthik mentioned about it to me..but it is of no interest to the normal Avg. Indian User who is usually the least bit bothered with such stuff!!! as a matter of Fact he/she might not even notice it!!!

Most of the People only use it for Forwarding Messages which is why i have disabled everything except Scraps i guess 🙂

some of the People i Know even type in their “email ids ” under the Website option in the profile!!! clicking it will only take you ” Server Page Not Found “. And some others have no Qualms writing Yahoo or Google in the space provided..like they own them ;P

PS: they appear to have started integrating way too much stuff with orkut nowadays!!!
I joined Facebook also by the way..and got a Joost Invite..But My C drive is so Filled up that it wont allow me to download the Software…Im living dangerously i guess!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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