Condensed Water Vapour has never looked Good Before ..but well lately i’ve been noticing it a lot…if you are wondering what i’ve been talking about!!!! well Its Clouds!!! those varied beautiful masses in the Sky ..the Monsoon is nearly here and so the Sky here is usually filled wiht them..and Mind You i’ve been takin a lot of Pics of Them much that Akshata Remarked ” If You Show me another Pic of Clouds ,Im gonna throw your Cell out!!!”

so there i m still taking those Pics but minding myself such that i dont show them to her 😛 ….i think i find lately stuff beautiful especially since my college is at the Foot of the Western Ghats ..we get to see some incredible views all around us!!! Writing my Physics Internals i just glanced out from the 4th Floor Window to see really Low Clouds moving in the horizon near the nearby Mountains..and well since i didnt feel like writin Physics my mind was continually getting diverted towards the window[ i got16 in Physics this time :P]

well if u people are finding this post a bit too different from what i normally write well at the moment i’ve Fallen for someone and so that might be influencing me 😉

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “Clouds”

  1. if nature is any indication.. then i just love the clouds all over the place.. and mind you i have been taking snaps too… btw who is bothered about the sessionals.. u have a pretty good average from what i can say..

    and now the sems are closing in too..

  2. oh yeah.. i know.. whom have you fallen for kenneth??
    now thats what i call a bad boy.. you’ve been irritating us for the past week.. and you finally decided to speak!! but let me tell you something.. i don’t really understand what you are upto at time..

  3. Soul Karma! 😀

    Fallen for someone? Hmmmm I know I know, that bridesmaid ? 😉 Kidding.

    Anyways, all the best. Have fun!

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