Bangalore travels

so here i am finally writting about it..

here it goes…..

we left on friday morning in the Qualis hoping to make it there before 7 but apparently that was not to be …i kept updating my friends whenever i had network and otherwise took snaps to pass the time ..that would explain the road snaps on Picasa…we were briefly lost in Bangalore due to a wrong left turn..but my cousin came to our rescue and we were off to our rooms…and OMG !!! were they Awesome…god!! why didnt anyone introduce me to service apartments before??? they’re like a home away from Home!!! got stuff all lined up and in working condition!!!! well usually when we visit Bangalore we like spend the stay at my Cousin’s flat..but due to this huge bunch of functions ..that was already full..well that was pretty much of Day 1..

The Morning of Day 2 found me dressing up for the Engagement…and also wondering about who the bridesmaid is gonna be 😉  we were off..with cells to keep in contact between the 2 the meantime more people landed in Bangalore and joined in…Reached Jayanagar and spent some time searching for 4th block ,27th cross..we did find it soon enough and then the function went on as planned except that i didnt get to see the Brides maid since she had some Tuitions to attend and couldn’t make it..well i gotta still keep my fingers crossed…and thinking about that..i havn’t even thought about the Waltz..

Still day 2….after the Engagement ,we hurried to the Housewarming which was at Whitefield coz its near my Cousin’s Office … loved it…its not completed yet from the outside though…and we were back home..and that was pretty much it for the day except out of boredom i called up people both in Bangalore and mangalore while waiting for my Luggage to reach my cousin’s Indiranagar flat….and then Dinner!!

Day 3 had us all wakin up early to attend the Holy communion mass for my Nephew…we reach there somehow my Niece and me grab a place in the over crowded church…and Lo! and Behold! turns out that the Mass is in Tamil…

My Knowledge of Tamil is restricted to the Bingo Ads and what Karthik has told didnt understand much during the 2 hour mass…the Photographers at the church made it look like a press conference and i could also see someone taking a video in the front from a N95…after that we roamed around CMH road …visited Subhiksha ..were disappointed though!!! Back for lunch party ..then slept the afternoon because there was the Party for my Nephew to be attended in the evening.

The party turned out to Be at the KSCA club hall which i never knew existed not much of a cricket fan but was awed by the Portraits of cricketeers dotting the walls of the Hall and also their Handprints in cement!!! we were actually just above the Pavilion and the place gives a good view of the Ground 😀 that was over ..i got some good pics and an awesome funny video 😉 ..thats the end ..we went home and slept somewhere around 1…

Monday was the day i was earlier supposed to leave..but last minute changes saw me getting a chance to laze around and perhaps meet some friends..i asked only 3 people though…one was busy with Internals and CAED..another wanted me to come to Jayanagar..finally the Third agreed to meet me at MG road..which is but 10 minutes away from where i stay in a rick!! i roamed around the Place and i guess Shruti was quite tired in the end after i dragged her around the place..she showed me a Book shop where she buys books at a discount rate..i bought a book..and we also haggled for SNOW on the roadside..Visited Mc Donalds after a long time and caught with each other…finally met my Dad and had to go home since the bus was at 9..made it to Majestic in time ..and dropped off to sleep 5:30 we reached Mangalore and within 3 hours i was off to college ..and attended the last 3 hours….anyway thats the brief summary although its quite Huge in itself!!

since im the Best man and also the next in line after my cousin i’ve become the butt of a lot of jokes…i enjoy all of them though!!!


maxed out my Flickr account limit of 200 photos 😦

Author: inosaint

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8 thoughts on “Bangalore travels”

  1. Hmm… thank you !!! but that was actually when i was exhausted..Phew!!! with all the running around!!! 😛
    well ya but Karthik was like dont go to Picasa..keep flickering!!!! i might keep flickering…even though i ll pass the 200 photo limit i guess!!

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