Life Around

so i’m back..and well i guess a lot has happened.

I Met Ajay D’souza..guess he’s quite a high Profile Blogger?? anyway thats another Geek added onto my list on Twitter..although i dont know how exactly that happened!!! anywayz its nice to know another D’souza blogger!!

Twitter really is wonderful got us thinking about the Different time zones on the World and how when we are in College in the Morning People somewhere else are going to Sleep or Having really tempts me to get GPRS activated on my Phone.

College seems to me to be a complete waste of time..seriously speaking i dont seem to get anything that they want us to understand and the only reason i’m surviving is that there are others around me who get enlightenend on the matter and rescue times even i do the rescuing. Ajith and Raison Both feel that Sitting at home and studying is Better and more sensible ( lets not forget Economical!!). so there i am wasting away…and here i would like to also state that i’ve been having the Worst bit of luck when it comes to Mech. Sessionals…i need my marks..My Marklist this Sem looks really weird with me struggling only in that one subject no matter what i do to study it…Gods will Perhaps *Shrugs Shoulders*

also Mornings remain the worst part of the Day…and without my Mom and the Alarm i would really never be able to make it in time to catch that bus…The New Sofa seems Nice but i’ve got Strict orders to “keep my Legs off it !!! Spidey 3 and the Beach just dont seem to Materialize..and well Life’s Been Better and at the Moment its got to much study in it 😦

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

6 thoughts on “Life Around”

  1. Hi, you got a nice blog here. Very neat and organized looking too. Anyway, I blog over at Computer Tips and was wondering if you wanted to exchange blog roll links to each other?

    Let me know if you’re interested! By the way, did you start off on WordPress or move over to it at some point?


  2. Hail the sessionals
    hail the sems
    hail the late mornings
    hail the new sofa
    …..dude,half our life is spent studying and writing exams. school,puc,ug,pg,job,….shud find time to sneak out to hav fun.. lucky that m staying in a room with my friends… touch wood!

  3. What study always? C’mon you done with sessionals na? Guess that’s how everyone is in the first year… and Mech, yeah all that lathe, boilers and all. My lathe always looked like something else. But we used to enjoy the class only bcoz of the lecturer.

    To remind you once again ( in high pitched tone ) Kenneth, keep your legs off the sofa!

  4. @Aseem.
    well i started off at WordPress since a couple of My friends suggested it..and they were quite Experienced.
    and well ur Blog is really well its really soo different from Li’l old dont know bout the link exchange?? but i wouldn’t mind it …

    @Ajan .
    Yes, Lucky!!

    i have absolutely no Probs with the diagrams since im reaaaalllllyyy good at Drawing( one of My Hobbies)..
    and Yes Ma’am..My Legs are Off!!!

  5. I really cannot relate (apart from the studies bit) with the college part…very soon I am sure…
    What you have done now with your post, is to infuse in me a FEAR of my impending doom…
    let me re phrase>> I AM SHIT SCARED OF GOING TO COLLEGE IN 2 MONTHS!!!

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