I Need an Upgrade

well to begin with i’m working on an ancient PC which was bought about 6 years Back when The Prices were Sky-High for a Very Basic PC..while Now u Can get a PC 10 times Better for the Same cost!! Of Late , People around me have been getting upgrades or New PC’s. its almost like i’m the last guy remaining to move to a decent PC. ( dont even ask My Config.!!).well the PC’s been having a lot of Troubles ever since it Became a bit older..and ever since those repair guys installed XP last year it’s been jusst worse. the New Guy who came to repair was telling me that its not possible to upgrade the PC..Because it will again eventually Slow down..and in the Long Run it would be more Economic to get a Newer One…So that Leaves me to Convince my Dad to Shell out atleast 12,000 for the New CPU..since thats the Troublemaker. Also Guess it doesn’t help that i keep gettin newer and Newer softwares and the C drive is Gasping for space..

Wish Me Luck!!

Coming to what i’ve Been Hearing now: well there’s been this COLDPLAY performed song “In The Sun” from the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy” which i’ve gotten addicted to. i also got the Entire collection Of Oasis From Rajath. ‘Take that’too is Good and i can’t forget Justin Timberblake’s ” what Comes around Goes around”

anyway gotta get back to studies..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “I Need an Upgrade”

  1. All the best!!!
    And i have been searching all over the world for d full collection of oasis…n u simply said dat u have it….
    Nice collection o music dude…

  2. 10GB HDD.64 RAM.Windows 2000 Professional.Lets the speed and all be,or now.Can your PC beat atleast this much?

  3. @ Incriminated
    Well i guess i cant beat that ..that was mine Config. Before the Previous Upgrade last year.
    I dont Think so..its that easy..coz the House has got a hell a lotta New Stuff in the Past Month..and the Cash is running low now..Like Car,AC,Washing Machine,Sofas…that was a some Shopping Spree..dont ask me why..coz i definitely dont know.

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