Window in the Skies

Thunderstorm    well it was the First Thunderstorm of the season and one of the first ones to Have woken me up in the Middle of the Night!!!!

Usually i sleep soundly( like i dont hear anything!!!) my mom usually says that even if the Whole world turns i wouldn’t get up!!! so this naturally came as a surprise to me..Although i did spend the time taking a 5 Minute Video(Yes I’m Crazy) and  Some Photos for the Album..but it was tough because i dont have a Cybershot just a basic 1.3 MP Mobile Cam…I did my Best and the Best one that i got was this was also the first one!!

Cheers to the Rain!!!Hope it will cool stuff down..Because A lot has been getting Heated up ..Tempers Even.

@Equi… Sessionals From Next Monday!!!!!!

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

10 thoughts on “Window in the Skies”

  1. Hey! Nice window angle 🙂

    Yes yes, rain rain don’t go away!

    Ohoh…mine will get over tomorrow! You slog!! 😉

  2. @ Dhivya, Praveen and Shruti ..
    Thank You..
    @ Incriminated
    Well My friends Call Me a photo Freak…and anyway i couldnt get any more sleep with the lightning which kept going on and on for about an hour!!! It seemed like a tubelight Flickering!!!

  3. WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! u jus sat there and watched the rain?? i have cold now, well that doesnt matter coz i had lot o fun playin basket ball in rain..hehehe! football is comman..played basket ball for a change….nice window uve got there by the way!

  4. I dont think anyone will play any games outdoor at 2 in the morning atleast when there’s a Huge Thunderstorm with Lightening everwhere..People advised me to switch off the Phone the next day when i showed them the snap.!!!!

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