Two posts in a day after a long Week..Well not a lot s been up and about this week.

Well i had heard about Yahoo’s New ” Our City ” Feature and so tried it out..Its Cool!!! Because it does feature Mangalore for one thing.. its showcases everything from Blogs which write about the City to Photos from Flickr( another Yahoo company)..its also got podcasts,travel tips, News..and definitely Maps
The Bookmarks showed up a familiar Link to me..one of Sindhu’s Photos from her now defunct flickr account..i must remind myself to tag my Photos as Mangalore… well Sindhu has now moved onto a new host and i’ve updated the link to that on the Blog roll.

the past month saw me dabble with french..but my i just couldnt drag myself to do all that Hardwork..since the Guitar takes up more then enough of my Lounging time( that refers to whatever time there exists after i come home free from the Net time , the TV time, food,..etc..,, however it doesnt include the study time) Got a new Book to read ..but barely touched it..i Want to read “the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”..but Its HUGE!!!

On my TV schedule..what i’m watching Now is Star World’s “Less Than Perfect” ( awesome Insults), the evergreen Simpsons..and Obviously “Heroes” this Years hottest series…I’m damn addicted to it ..me being a comic book and Anime Fan..Also started watching Initial D ~1 stage..a Anime About Street racing..looks cool what with the 3D graphics…

Too many Movies to watch and Not enough time or Money 😦

The Next sessionals are coming closer and somehow i’ve gotta make up my mind to study and get better marks than last time…Been Visiting blogs in class over GPRS on Karthik’s Phone..saw most of the Blogs looking Screwy and so gave up..on the other hand Mine looks good and fits to the Page. 😉 Thinking about Getting GPRS on my phone now.. Hmm..

at the moment ..i’m re-thinking some stuff..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

2 thoughts on “#2”

  1. French, Guitars n star world…dude, u r INTERESTING!!
    comment ca va monseiur??? hahaha….
    and what type o guitar are we talking bout here??
    I play only accoustic. what bout ya?

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