why???why me???



for the next few weeks i might not be able to update much due to the utter screwing up of my Ups this week, which i have only bypassed to write this current post.

than Kyu..

im also on the “Net for Study” Plan of my Mom which also means that if i do study something a day i get to access the net..Sheesh!!! those Textbooks dont seem to be intresting at all..especially The Mech. one which is what i should be working on to improve in the test after 2 weeks.

The good thing is that I’m getting a new Suit stitched for my cousin’s wedding (may end) and it looks lovely..i wanted to post something else but just dont feel like completing it now.. 😦

Chal later…

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

4 thoughts on “why???why me???”

  1. He he he…you sound like this little boy who is being denied a very big and particularly tasty bar of chocolate!!!
    Hang in their…I have PLENTY of experince with “mom schemes”…they cool off in some time…more often than not, they FORGET the terms and conditions…
    As such, you have a wedding to look forward to…ENJOY!!!

  2. yea da.. i agree with shrutz. plans of parents grounding kids cools off sooner than you can believe. Happened to me many times.. hehehe!! ask the pro..
    Happy …umm…. happy lukin in the mirror with the new suit! haha! enjoy!

  3. Ah, your mommy is a sweetheart. Mine is a hitler(female version)…she takes away the modem and hides it somewhere during exams. I get it only after they are done.

    Suit and all eh? Nice πŸ™‚ Put up a pic!

  4. @ equi..
    i will put up a pic…after i get it and take one..its Due on the 5th..
    as for Mom’s well everyone uses the computer and the internet at home here..so well she can’t hide it..instead she just Locks the door and hides the Key.. πŸ˜€

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