Results are Out….!!!!!

yes the most awaited results of the first sem are out!!!!!

my first vtu exams seem to have gone pretty well . decent marks at least..waas scared..Its distinction.Cool..

i used this to find mine..
so well thats a nice turn of events..since i screwd up my first sessionals this week..especially Mech.

The Bunch have mostly got decent marks..

Today is a holiday and i should log out now so cant type anything else…BYE

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33 thoughts on “Results are Out….!!!!!”

  1. oh boy,
    vtu sucks majorly……….why in the freaking wide world are they taking so long to give out our reval results………boy wish i could bomb that place…….

  2. I feel like killing whoever did this idiotic vtu. They play with our future. 3rd sem reval results r out n they havent given a single mark. they have failed many people in a very easy theory subject, electronic instumentation. can some more people join me. we ll destroy the vtu before they destroy our lives. hell wit vtu. plz print an article about this in newspaper.

  3. the most dumbest uni on planet earth!!! its for ppl who mug mug mug and then vomit it all in the exam. valuators should be beaten up in open streets. they play with our marks. such is a case of mine. my criti subject which went really well and which i was damn confident about passing. it turned into a debacle. can anyone imagine getting d lowest score eve in enggi. i can! i got 22 in my criti subject which i expected to get above 50 with the minimum marks given to all q* which i answered. i’m in my 7th sem and i get a year back because of the mistake of valuators. can anyone suggest me a way out of it.. can i sue vtu for its mistake in the so called vtu court.. if i dont get through challenge reval.. for folks who are still at the entry level.. i just advice u to get into the reality of vtu.. v torture U!

  4. I am Abhishek Sood A and I am doing my B.E. under graduate course under the Visvswaraya Technological University(VTU) located in Belgaum . We at the student community are facing few issues with the evaluation schemes of the university and this not only an individual opinion but majority of the students are of this opinion seriously. However, students are always not satisfied with their marks the issues are getting more and more serious because majority of the student of university feel the variation from the performance of a student, expected score and the obtained result is so ridicoulously deviated. Most of us really frustrated and reasons seems to be more obvious when the group of students who were top rank holders in the national level and state level competitive exams are now failing to get even the minimum marks(provided that they have put in their total efforts and have done well as before).

    We sense a marketing strategy of the university to be involved in all these as the university is to be paid Rs.400/- for the revaluation process and Rs.100/- for the retotalling process. Rs.500/- for the photocopy of paper and Rs.5000/- for the challnge revaluation. Things seems to be worser when students get their photo copies which clearly shows improper evaluation methods, questions that are left uncorrected, totalling mistakes and when applied for revaluation the student does not get any increase in score. Thus the university for the sake of making money involves into a business strategy of not giving the student marks and thereby prompting them to go for revaluation. In fact when I had called the university to en quire about some issue there was a cross connection and I happened to hear a conversation between two people talking about students surely would go for revaluation and this time they would make more profit. Thus is there any procedure where in the university can be asked for to prove their evaluation methods in Consumer Court?. Please help us out because we are in real frustration as it is badly affecting our career and future.

  5. i know da. i gave one of my papers for revals this time. for the first time. got 50 when i wrote more than 100 marks paper. hope i get a bit more. some of my friends have suprisingly flunked also!!!

  6. hi.. frns

    When is Revalu.. b.e 4th sem results going to announce.. i hv applied 1 sub linear ic’s & applications the evaluation is damn worst in vtu i got all above 75 to 80 my % is 78% and in only linear ic’s thy hv assesed me 28 i had written for nearly 90 marks in spite paper was tuff

  7. worst vtu always mentally irritation this one of drawback for vtu k………………………………………………………………… cool

  8. Respected sir,
    Please can you tell us when, 1st sem B.E revaluation, vtu results be announced.

    Thanking you,

    Your’s sincerely,

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