Easter confessions

well thats a lot of time since i’ve posted something..and thats just because i barely had any free time to spend online..plus im not pushing my luck at home since the results are due any day now.

ok so this is the ‘Holy Week’.  it started with the Palm Sunday. Today was Maundy Thursday,Tomorow is Good Friday..and finally on Sunday is Easter..which is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

Now as a preparation before any feast of ours its customary to confess our sins to the Priest…Last time round i couldn’t make it and since this week was full of Holidays i got the time..

What i wanted to write about over here was about the futility of the ritualistic confession..whose only aim was such that we would repent for our sins and then not repeat them anymore..but among all the people who i know , not a single guy(or gal) has found this ritual anything but routine..we go there tell our usual list with some more stuff added at times ..do the penance..and then out we go into the world ..without much effect in our life..the next time we are back we do the same thing  ..again and again!!!!The only good thing that comes out of this is that we realise our mistakes..But there are more then enough people who dont follow this nor attend church…they just tell at home that they are going there ..but never turn up!!!

Im not telling that im some saintly guy who follows everything… coz you will find me dreaming away all the time during Mass..just as if i was somewhere else..Physically Present but Mentally Absent…now thats enough for now..

Its gettin Hotter by the day and im sweating away…even as im writin this post at night..im drenched with sweat..Thanks to Global Warming..anyways the world has just some 20 years to go before the Himalays melt and everyone drowns..

Linkin Park is gonna release its new album.. Minutes to Midnight…yes thats the name..i got hold of two tracks…and found them to be mixed with a heavy dose of Metal…lets see what the future holds..


Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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