Yapppy Birthday to Me!!!!

Im finally 19….

Not like its something to holler about.. lifes been sucha rollercoaster ..this is my first Birthday online.. i’ve met sooo many people here and become good friends with some..learnt such a lot ..shared stuff too…

Today was the result of the rose day or whatever you might call it ..Lot of girls all over college got bunches of roses…and well yours truly got one..a yellow one at that and from my close friend Madhu . i also heard that the highest grosser is a girl from Third Year BT ..with 52 roses so far …..

Our Traditional day was postponed to next week..and our electricals sessional has gone by too..nothing much coming up ..

Dreading tomorrow…will mostly get my ass kicked.. 🙂 they’ve been planning…and also looted..i already gave a treat but only to some..there are disadvantages of knowing too many people you see. this is one .

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

9 thoughts on “Yapppy Birthday to Me!!!!”

  1. 😉 and would that include me in the party list? hehe
    jus kidding, have awesome birthday and great year! and more online and even wonderful offline celebrations may be yours this year 😀 APPY BURDAAYYY!!!

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