One eye Blind

Come thursday…

wednesday i had my workshop classes…and something went into my eye which i tolerated for the next one day before i showed it to my cousin’s husband..(he’s an opthalmologist)..he found two iron filings..and removed them..i ended up with a bandage which made me look like some villain from some movie…took a photo of it
One Eye Blind
then there was rose Day..something of a new experience..on which you give roses to anyone who you want..i did send it to someone..but none of my close knit group of friends believed me when i told them about her( anonymously).. 😀 ..that was not in LOVE please…
the debate of Flickr and Picasa still hot..
and i checked my friends Orkut like community Project..although skeletal in looks ,good services..only available on Lan at college..anyone who has a access to it..check out

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “One eye Blind”

  1. Heyy! It had happened to one of my friends also. But, no worries. Take care anyways…and don’t stand right under the fan and file!

  2. hmm..dude..that thing is okay..but if u need a fimi luk na..u shudve used a strap to tie it all around ur head na… rem that film 300??

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