Rasta Roko

Oh god ,,,another day another strike.. 😀

this time it was still about the Nagarjuna Power plant and was effective to the NH 17….yes and we did get stuck in it…nioce experience..and me and raison were clicking away and u can see the results on my Flickr Page.

we left Mangalore as usual at 7: 15…and everything was right with the world except with me ..trying to complete the Physics assignment.. 😛
and this goes on till Haleangadi where we are stopped by some Mob..and asked to turn back..we spend some time over there before turning back..we took this chance to take the snaps…we were told that we couldnt use the Highway to go back…so we came back and then took a detour and went through a back road behind KREC..its just one lane..and really narrow at places…it took us to Bajpe and then we had to come back to Mangalore…The whole Exercise took us about 3 hours..before we were back…

Meanwhile…Physics class went on…Poor Karthik had reached College from Manipal and had to attend it..only 25 ppl there….and also the other bus from mangalore No.23 9takes the moodbidri route) got spoilt and those guys returned home…Ananth went to college thru the Moodbidri route in a Car…and reached College…
We were happy with the unexpected Holiday which turned this into a three day weekend…

seems like there was a boat kept across the road at Surathkal as a blockade…

Today was Akshata’s Birthday and we gave a treat( Yes we..i got away with sharing the treat) for the rest of Human error…thats what i call our group…sounds more like a Rock Group..
My birthday is coming close and so also is the day of Reckoning…

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

3 thoughts on “Rasta Roko”

  1. Oh yeah dude,was in Mlore last week !

    Terrible…Actually planned to meet my friends @ NITk…Cudnt coz of this…. !

    Get ready fr those veggies too..!

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