First things First

well for those who dont notice much im starting my post today by telling you that i have changed the name of the blog although the address remains the same ..i was thinking about it for sometime and finally decided to go ahead with it…

Been reading some blogs all around Blogger.. some nice posts..This is one i forgot to tell you people ..about… its about Shah , the Rickshaw puller from Andheri.. nice one…

also Flickr is quite addictive…Ajan Posted something finally….Karthik’s cell came back….we went Cell Hunting….Getting spammed on orkut….and also flooded by “Tagged” Mails …. Ethics Classes are fun….Maths Test on Laplacian transforms tomorow[dont ask me what those are!!!]..Engineer is going on at Nit-K but im tooo busy to go there [read lazy]..reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies…..Workshop classes are going on well….screwed up the diary…write physics assignments in Civil classes….No CIP tomoro ..Yipee…..saving munny too.

im scared that im least bothered with studying???? whats wrong with me.???.and also lazy to blog too much..tomorow is a friend Ashritha’s Birthday….Sleepy….

Last But here’s my research on Mid range Mobile Phones(rs 5000-rs 9000):
My Top 5 are
1. MotoRazr…just for the slim factor.
2.Motorola’s L7i(1.3 MP),L7(VGA).
3.Motorala’s L6,L6i,Flip.
4.Sony Ericcson’s Z550i (cool flip phone with everything).
5.Sony Ericcson’s K550i ( again has everything….except memory ..only 28 MB)

thats my list..i dont know whether ill be getting any depends on my parents after all..its their cash….but seriously speaking i need a phone only for the Camera and Mp3 Player… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

13 thoughts on “First things First”

  1. Seriously, even I want a phone only for music and occasional needy messages. I actually hate speaking over phone…it is dumb!

    an Innocent Life! I doubt! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i’d say razor. its the best deal at 7 to 8k. but then if your parents arent convinced about the cam /mp3 thing then you might have bring plan B into the scene.

    talk long term uses of owning a cam cel…u know wat i mean dontchaya? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I actually hate speaking over phoneโ€ฆit is dumb!

    Well,I contradict ! Weird ….
    I agree that a phone is no more used only to talk.Day by day the features added to a cellphone is revving up! Although a phone may have several other good features,It certainly cannot mask the sole purpose of using a phone… Its Talk and only Talk !!

  4. hmmm….lets c now..the rates are goin down as rapidly as our marks in exams..(jus kiddin)..
    L6 has a some software problem, L7 is good…
    Sony Ericsson K series isnt good for music stuff
    if you like to go for sony,better take the walkman series.. i have W700i(10.5 K in vizag,so guess itd be a bit lesser in b’lore) and its cool…

  5. Well here’s the Update…..i got the happy and Raison bought the Motorazr… gotta get the spice Sim tomorrow… check next post..clicked some photos..tryin to put it on flickr,ok.

  6. Cool! Hey…how did you convince your parents? Tell me a way out! My people are way toooo stubborn!

  7. @ Equi
    dude,drop ur phone infrnt o em mite work..if u phone survivs the fall..bad luck if it doesnt then gud luck.. Ciao!

  8. ok will do….
    @ ajan ..its Oasis’s Wonderwall…thats the first one heard completely on it…not counting the preloaded stuff that came with it..

  9. @ Praveen – I know, but there is nothing like talking face-to-face! Over phone, it’s a different game altogether!

    @ Ajan – Drop my phone? Dude, I don’t have one to drop! :((

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