back online..

well now that was a long time away from my blog..a whole week….coz i was grounded ..long story..not my fault and everthing..

so i hope to make it up to you ppl’s a long one..the entire week has been a crazy rollercoaster.. a lot has gone by….let me start from the first day..Monday..

well the day is like a boon extended Weekend..with us just having a lab that day.. and offers us lovely opportunities to enjoy…Our teachers/ Lecturers are really borin in this cycle.. let me give an Intro…

We have 2 Ma’ams for Math-2 , rumored to be the toughest Math paper we will be writing..all filled with stuff that make integration and differentiation look like Child’s Play…well one of the ma’am jus takes up two boring classes..while the other ‘s voice is shrill and piercing and a friend of mine calls her Himmesh …he also sings his songs as background music during classes..

For Physics ,out of the two lecturers that we have got one is a total bore[but knows what he is talking],while the other is abore,doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about and no one seems to understand his explanations,especially those Macroscopic examples with students, semesters and rubber balls…we can’t help laughin…i got cot already in that class..for actually discussing in class something about the subject…”the Theory of relativity ” and what sir’s explanation of that would go like… 😀 LOL..really funny..

Well Then ther’s Mech..the sir over there..seems to catch Karthik a lot..there’s 2 warnings gone by[ due to my doodling]..and so i decided that we shift our places or we woould both end up outside the class.. so far it’s working ..the Guy seems to be eternally smilling and that is freeaky!!!.

Civil is Boring and Electrical Ma’am is Pregnant,…that’s the reason we eneded up in the first floor ..while the rest of the first years are on the 4 th floor..yippee… there’s been a internal fight also about the class which has been alotted to us ,,is it room 101 or 106…all caused by some girls who feel that the 101 is too sunny..May be they might get sunburned or god forbid become a shade darker..Think of the outcome..who will marry them?? tchtch..anyway we got the class since the teachers believe in democracy..and also we are happy ..coz we can sleep easily in that class..with a wonderful view too..

We still haven’t got our Workshop uniforms and also we had our first class of filing and sawing..the girls really had a tough time i hear..anyway.its cool..

on thursday, we had decided to go to the Parapady Falls, a spot jus over 4 Kms from College..this was the off season so there was not a lot of water there..good thing..i almost fell into it while clambering everywhere..check out flickr for that!!! lovely Pics from Krishal’s N70.. Thank You Very Much!!!

Friday went ok…and on saturday My grandma was taken to the Hospital for a minor operation,a blood clot in the brain…i saw her today and she’s ok..thank god…I Hate Hospitals..bad memories [another long sad story] ..lets she when she comes out of the ICU tomoro..

Well i also met an Old Flame of mine , and i was like ” hey u’ve grown fatter” now thats something extremely stupid from my side 😦 i felt like kicking my self there and then…sent an apology email too..i say dumb things when im hyper..

so i think that the end of everything…i dont want my exam results ..Hope they get lost,burned , corrected leniently ., and a whole lot mor to my benefit..i took them too easily…Well Ganesh ,a friend of mine, in 4th year topped his class in Cs here at Nitte with 85 % ..he’s been working on a orkut like project too…also i met Avilash ..a friend from the Net another senior,,his project is an indianised Segway,cool..this time Mech during this week…highly eventful..

whew.. that’s a lot good bye…gotta complete the workshop diary and physics assignment..

P.S. negotiations are on about getting a cell with my parents…will update the results…talking about Plans, models,any suggestions????

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

8 thoughts on “back online..”

  1. Hey…nice video!
    Cool lecturers. Atleast you can have some fun 😀

    Yeah, cellphone – I think N70/N90 is good. Krishal’s pics are the proof! All the best…may you get one soon 🙂

  2. hi there
    I saw on the page about how to embed Youtube in WP that you had problems too!
    If you could advise me (it also just turns into meaningless code on my page) I would really be grateful!

    Yours (a total newbie blogger)

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