Of parties and other things…

Now lets see what i’ve been upto …
the last two days were really hectic..I had to visit Bookmark ,a bookstore which contains a lot of other things and nice to spend some time .I had to find a birthday present and books to me come naturally.Lovely AC room..they had quite a good collection.
Then there was my Niece’s Birthday party in the evening that i had to go to..managed to stay till 6,helping out and then had to hurry of to KREC..there was the Incident 07 taking place and i had told my friends that i would be coming over today..got there and found that there was a delay with the semi-pro nite.Also since i know quite a lot of people over there because we’ve been tuition mates and class mates.i got into the stadium with my friends ID card…otherwise you gotta pay for the entry that is for a visitor’s pass.the music finally started at 8:15 after a huge sound check..well i could stay for only some time coz it was too late and i had to reach home .well it was earlier announced that Galeej gurus were playing and when i had seen the timings i had actually wondered what would they play from 6:30 to 11.!!!! well they tell us later after we are sitting there that “there are 6 bands playing tonight” .so the only band that i could listen to was the Heavy metal ‘The 6th Element’ playing some music that i hardly heard…and i was not the only one in the dark[no pun intended] anyway i heard 4 songs ..they were executed out pretty well.and then i was off but not without meeting a lot of friends who study there..reached home at 9:30.well and i had to practise the Guitar since i had class the next morning..

the next morning i hurried to class and then i was off to Nitya’s Party .hesitantly since i knew that the people over there are largely the Page 3 kind .well Now Nitya’s been my friend for the past 4 years and well so i though tlet me go.so well the party was quite a crazy one if i should say so.the first time i’ve been to a party which was held just above her house( which incidently is the Penthouse, Her dad is the Architect ) so the top room was made dark with newspapers taped over the windows. soon the place was filled with Smoke and some people who aren’t accustomed to secondary smoking had to go out for a breath of fresh air 😀 well im used to it .
the booze also flowed .well actually her parents had given a bit and well it wasn’t enough and in the end there were a lot of bottles ,i guess equal to the number of people present,Rum,vodka,beer.well here’s my confession: since i sometimes profess that i dont drink ,well u see that doesn’t hold good with friends 😀 actually my orkut profile says that i drink ‘socially ‘ and its not like i go over board or something ..u know light .like some alcohol mixed with something else..well i was getting bored and thirsty and got some Vodka and orange Juice mixed by Aaron who was seeing to it that no one was hogging anything .
in the end we hardly realised that it was 5 and we hadn’t had anything to eat yet what with all the dancing. Some of the Girls were puking ..well as rohit always says ‘you should know your limit’.Rohit is one my source of good stories about the Booze parties that he had attended .and well god knows how many packets of cigs were used up yesterday. Finally i reached home all tired and gave up writting this to today . Just talked to Sindhu…nothing else..
oh yeah , i love the adblock plus addon on firefox 2.o ,,”Begone you bandwidth eating Ads.”.
Also got ‘Bob Sinclair’s’ World Hold on..i love the whistling in the back ground …
next time ..after 2 days..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

6 thoughts on “Of parties and other things…”

  1. So many parties!
    It’s been ages since I had attended one…looks like you are a guy who likes to have fun all long! Good 🙂

  2. well, uhmm wat do i say? i havent touched alchohol since last year. ive only had a few glasses of beer in all my life.

    there is something about aloysius. kids get a lil into stuff like this…not saying canara never did it. but its a “take it easy” thing in aloy. i feel wierd about the difference after coming to aloy.

    feels like a vagabound , i was in carmel, in canara, am in aloy. ive seen a bit of all worlds by now. a lil too confused on where i really belong.

  3. @ equilibrium well actually this is just a way out party normally
    i dont go out so much..but my freedom has increased in the recent past…

    @ Sindhu well a little bit is enough no need to go over the edge..you know socially.. 😀 also i’ve usually been around different people all through my life..not all mutually coexisting types 😀 you see but i did retain my goodie boy touch so far 😛

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