Manipal Trip

well the Manipal here it is. i have had to summarise it a bit more since bascically its quite ol stuff..well the trip started in the morning…at Empire..met vikhyath too..anyway well our group had shrunk from the original number ..due to Ananth and Raison being too busy to make it.anyway Manju was late..he did end coming atleast at 9:00 ..about half an hour late for the rendezvous..We got in to the bus..the route to manipal is actually one which we usually travel on our way to college…except for the last stretch from Padubidri…we reached there earlier then expected..Karthik surprised us at Udupi by getting into the bus .He had asked us what the colour of the bus was and well after Udupi the bus was empty..well we got down at Tiger Circle.and went into the KMC campus..we checked out Greens..and then karthik took us to the Foodcourt..woow!!! now thats way too reminds you of the foodcourts at the Bangalore malls..its 2 floors ..and contains stalls like Pizza corner ,Subway,Hangyo,Kamat hotels….and even a malaysian food stall…the food however came after almost an was at that time when i was looking out of the glass wall..the room is AC..i saw venisha on the road..with someone else..well that wasn’t something surprising,since she is one of my friends who study at manipal..but i wasn’t sure of the other they came near i saw that it was Royston( thats his Pics on Flickr)..that was a surprise because he hadn’t told me he too was coming..anyway i went down to meet them..and brought them the common friend rite…anyway they were on their way again with the plans to visit malpe even.We did meet them again for lunch at Dollops..thats a quaint place and another must Visit.After the foodcourt we went around the MIT and other campuses.then after lunch we went over to karthik’s Place ..we were there till 3:30.i checked out his PC..and also how his new blog is developing..anyway soon we were back in Manipal…there was one more place to go..(we didnt think about Blue waters,since none of us booze+its quite out of the way)that was the famous End Point..the ricks did take us there..ours did charge us a bit extra…we saw Blue waters from there..and we can also see a river(see the pics) from there..well the guys finaly convinced the girls that we would go down to the that was the crazy part..because its almost like trekking downhill with the path hardly visible before us..we did finally make it down there..although the girls especially madhu had some problems because she was wearing sandals..we went along the road till we were about 100 metres from the river bank..thats when we stopped..because there were a lot of houses and we didnt want to go we decided to go back to the main road..well thats when Karthik had that idea of taking a video..and we did do that..(plans to show that are not yet finalised)anyway it was quuite a good bit of unscripted cinema,if i should say waiting for the Cd copy soon..anyway that was the end of the trip we did enjoy it ..anyway..that was that.

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4 thoughts on “Manipal Trip”

  1. I have no idea about those places whatsoever…anyway, put up the pics! Let me check them out!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And KMC is all that good eh??

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