twitter ownskin

well thats the three things on the web that have caught my eye and so i decided to give a small intro on each of them…

first Twitter :

its a startup that has spent about 6 months on the web and has a lot of achievements in such a short while.their latest Newsletter tells us the following

  • Twitter has been selected as a finalist for the SXSW Web Awards.
    The judges think we “revolutionize the power of publishing.”
    We hope we win! There’s also a People’s Choice category and we’re
    allowed to ask folks to vote for us. If you have a couple minutes
    you can help us take home the prize!
    Vote here:
  • We made Business 2.0 magazine’s list of “What’s Next” at #4! We’re
    nestled snugly between wind power and implantable medical devices.
    Reporter Michael Myser wrote that we’re “catching fire.”

well today i also discovered that we can use Twitter for conferencing..which till now was missing in Gtalk..that improves it further..been talking with Thilak and Karthik on it…

and also you can get updates from the the latest news by adding BBC ,Google,etc.which have their own homes on Twitter..
Oh yeah my twitter profile
i guess that pretty much tells everything..

second Last.Fm:

now this page has been around for quite sometime .well it helps me to see what my friends have been listening to lately and also allows them to see what i’ve been listening to.and i have also put a chart from there on my you can see

for more on it.. check out wikipedia article on last.Fm
my music Profile on Last.Fm

Last but not the least interestingis

its a heaven sent site for all those crazed mobile fanatics…it basically helps you to design your own theme for your cellphone and also allows you to share it with the world..the good thing here is that it allows you to showcase your creativity on a wide variety of Nokia and Sony Ericcson Phones..i did create one its there on my blog for karthik’s Nokia 5200 and well that guy created a Vista one.

here’s my permlink (42 downloads so far)and here is Karthik’s (22 so far).
i couldnt find My friend Claude’s themes but i did find his Cousin Hugh’s (thats his most famous one yet,46 downloads so far).search for “twenty3” under member for more of his skins..

i Guess that is enough for now..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

8 thoughts on “twitter ownskin”

  1. Ah Malpe beach!! Atleast got to see in pics!
    Is that your college?? It’s damn cool man!
    You should see ours….aiyooooo, godamn uniformity!!

  2. hey i am only waiting to get my damn data cable to transfer the pics and videos.. god knows why can’t nokia bundle the data cable with the package..

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