Got Spammed Yet???

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well i wanted to write this post ever since Advitiya commented on the last blog ” Phishing” remember..but i was waiting till the number goes past 100 on my blog..well its 123 now when i started writing this and now it has come up to 141..Have You people noticed that most of the Spam is Male-centric..right from Viagra to the Penis size to Porn..(no offense)Now whats the deal with that…???do the spammers believe that men are more gullible???Studies have shown that eventhough a male brain is 10% larger than a woman’s ,a woman’s brain has 11% morebrain cells in the cortical area which is responsible for all the judgement and perhaps spammers know that a woman thinks twice before clicking on a link advertising “Shop for 50% discount!!”( who knows??)so not a lot of spam mail is targeted at them.Atleast i dont recall reading any..Guys usually assert themselves in most situations and are more distracted by quite a lot of things( u know what i mean 😈 )

well spamming is back with a vengeance..Earlier when i used to use rediffmail hardly any spam would get through..but lately the filter isn’t any god at all..and nowadays Gmail is also letting in a lot of stuff..mostly saying”YOU Have Won a Lottery Of $2 million” but if you try to actually get some money for a contest that you had never joined , those people they will ask for your credit card number and i wont advise you to do so..

Statistics tell us that 76 of the 100 mails originating from here are spam mails.the global average? well its just 54.And india’s spam just forms 1% of the spam of the 25 most spam producing nations which nonetheless is topped by The US of A with a whopping 52%.welland spammnig seems to be lucrative too with even if one million mails are sent out and even if it leads to about 100 sales the spammer makes about $85,000-$100,000.that’s a whole lot of cash!!!! and well i guess that’s why we will continue to recieve them mails..and just remember that when u are deleting those that no one in this world has been spared from this.Well with the spamming volumes set to increase for sure “Get ready to be spammed for Sure this Year”.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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