well thats the end of the first sems~!!!!! ya..its time for some partyin..!!!On both the last lab days i had to do some crazy stuff just to get the 1st Brahms ..the CAED exam was easier than expected and i think i did well but who knows..but CCP was a totally another story the programming was easy but the viva was screwey…all got jacked !!the external tested us with the most crazy questions that we never think about..the funniest thing was my friend Ganesh was in the next room, separated by a glass partition.he’s in the 4th year..they were working on their project and he cud hear the viva going on ..and he comes and stands rite in front of me and says the guy is screwing everyone,huh? in sign language..i cudnt help smiling..but the exam was one really worth experience..

the sems were really crazy ..undoubtably the worst exam written by we need to we planned to go to the Karavali utsav that evening..that was pretty nice..we sat in a ride..that went circular as well in a see saw motion..we cudnt help laughing..another thing that happened is that i Met Jnana..i just knew her on the net..why u ask..well thats a long story…she ‘s in KREC civil..something i left..and she had come with her twin sis who is in PA ..and her i was the only guy who went on the ride with those girls especially Manju didn’t want to come ..anyway it was nice..

well have you checked the latest pic i posted on flickr??i modified it a bit today..incidently Jnana had got a chance to manage some of the Team Mangalore Kites since her friends Bro is in the Team..seems like she enjoyed it..and i guess i missed meeting Sindhu that day..she did meet a friend of mine who had to go home early..chal another time..

well tomoro im going to meet my friends in Aloysius Degree..Long time since i met them in flesh an blood..otherwise only on orkut….oh yeah i also go to Permission to go to Manipal this hols.. more about it later..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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