studin CAED ..and listening to music..and orkut

i dont know whether you people checked out that video on Youtube..this is the band responsible for it ..Boymongoose.. anyway ive been downloadin a lot of Weird Al yankovic songs which are basically parodies of other songs..there are a huge bunch of them about starwars..

ive been on the comp for about 7-8 hours yesterday and i think thats a bit too much..considering i spent a good bit of it online. instead of doin CAED…i posted a blog after long time at my rediffiland..and also started deleting some mails in my rediff mailbox..ive about 450 MB left for the month and wondering what to do with it..lot of people started to use the mass scrap greasemonkey script for firefox 2.0

for orkut lovers check these places out.

and here’s a toolbar also .but the best tool is definitely google talk

and wait just a this Firefox 3.0 its codenamed Gran Paradiso. thats enuf for now..seeya tomoro

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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