12 days of Christmas…Es and chem pracs

yes im havin hols….but those are from the next week..29th..till then studyin CAED and CCP anywayz..this is what i found..and also trying out..im back on garland..but it still doesn’t look rite..anywaythis is old…but funny..check it out.

anyway about the ES exam ..well we reached there in the early morning at 8:15..why u ask simply..the exam is in the afternoon…i hardly had any sleep that night,…about 5 hours..dont get sleep easily nowadays..well the plan to sleep in the bus went down the drain..we ended up jus speaking..and after we reached college we went to the Sanmadhi..a huge garden that we have..a memorial to justice K.S. Hegde ..i gradually ended up playing snake 2 and cricket on my friends cell phone..anyway we then had a long lunch. everything in our exam came from the question bank released by the vtu!!! 50 came from the total 237..now that was easy..we finishd it really fast..some things that happened today were..Rajath accidenlty entering the Ladies toilet..since it doesnt have the room tag..that was really funny..and “All of these” was a very important option in the exam..it was so frequently and conveniently the answer..

at 3:00 we start of to the beach..the utsav is going on there..and wew had planned to visit it..we had changed out of our uniforms..who’s gonaa go out with that??we reached it by 5 and there we remained till about 7:45..then i had to go back..there was a huge crowd..and some really lovely kites..like the kathakali .,superman.,The Ghost .,the dragon..also the DC of mangalore was flying a kite right next to us and we ended up coming in the picture that was clicked and also the video that was taken..io met quite a bit of people..over there.there was also the Huge Kumbhakarana sand sculpture to see..about 1000 feet long!!!!

anyway i also went on the next day to the utsav .but this time wid my parents..now that was oh soo crowded..u cud only seee people everywhere!!!we came back at about 9 after the trip was cut short due to a traffic jam in the begginning ..but that was nice..but really tiring..

well about the chem pracs..they went on pretty welll the external came early …since the examwas from 8:30 in the morning..anyway he didn’t asking any questions..and left alll the work to thechem sir..anyway it turned out quite well i shud say..

well also my friend Rahul turned up yesterday at home and he showed me the video on Youtube which i have placed up there… i got some more music from linkin park to pink floyd.,MLTR.,and much more..he had more but there was no time to copy everything…since we also had to load his mp3 with all the songs on my comp…he just got his airtel connection in bangalore..and will sooon be online perhaps even blogging…i walked with him in the night from my house to Mangladevi in the dark..the current was gone..made it back..but was exhausted..i think this is enuf for today…goodnight

list of smileys you people can use 😈 well i used a space between the letters otherwise it auto changes into the smilies..well these have to do..no yahoo smileys for me

smile : ) 🙂 : smile : biggrin : D 😀 : grin : sad : ( 😦 : sad :
surprised : o 😮 : eek : eek 8 O 😯 : shock : confused : ? 😕 : ??? :
cool 8 ) 😎 : cool : mad : x 😡 : mad : razz : P 😛 : razz :
neutral : | 😐 : neutral : wink ; ) 😉 : wink : lol : lol : redface : oops :
cry : cry : evil : evil : twisted : twisted : rolleyes : roll : exclaim : ! : question : ? :
idea : idea : arrow : arrow : mrgreen : mrgreen :            

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designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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