Math exam…and other stuff

math exam was one of the worst ever written by me ….i dont wanna talk about just saying that i think i screwed it really bad…being stranded half way thru the sums

anyways ..ive been downloadin a lot of songs are some of them

  • When you were young -The Killers
  • A whole lot of songs from Keane..especially the “Is it any wonder”
  • The saints are coming-U2 an Green day
  • runaway train- soul asylum
  • white and nerdy – weird Al ivanovich
  • some panic at the disco
  • and finally some flypsyde..
  • any more good ones ..i shud dwnload????

Also i heard about Habari[swahili for News]..a new bloggin platform to be launched soon…it being developed..karhtik told me to check it at this site ..lovely site..with a nice dark theme.

Plus there was a weird side discussion about the crazy story lines of the hindi soaps.. which was a result of the rumour that apparently Aishwarya is gettin married to a tree first because she’s a Manglik[ dont ask me.. i had to ask what that was too]…well i don’t know whether that’s didn’t enlighten me either..

the spams are really rolling in…Akismet is atleast doing its bit…

a new dark theme Sunburn is also there.. waiting for saturday..mostly plans for the beach utsav…

hey the whole day wasn’t all bad…i got a calll asking me to attend the college day function at Aloysius..something about a certificate [and prize??]..well my board marks have somehting to do with it…i guess that will be something to look forward for…on the 19th…

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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