The CCP Exam

hello again..

Well this was the second exam of mine…that’s” computer concepts and c programming “.i felt that it was better than the chem one…not the others at least…there were some really stumping questions in which we were starved with having hardly anything to write about ..

here are some..

  1. with a neat diagram ,explain the functional organization of the digital computer(the least attempted question..coz no one even knew that was in the portion !!! ..i ended up just writing “a computer is an electronic device…..” that was the end of the3 hours ) 10 marks.
  2. that came paired up with “discuss the operation of the following 1)pen 2)game controller 3)touch screen really what can u write for 10 marks in that??? i just wrote 3 lines..u see i was trying to attempt all the questions.. 10 marks.
  3. another one followed that..”with examples define data and information” that was really the most freaknig question ..but i did write a good essay on that…who knows what will happen to that…10 marks.
  4. that was pairedwith distinguish between primary an secondary memory give examples 10 marks.
  5. i also forgot the exact range for the data types in C but my guesses were really close.
  6. i also screwed up this C-program…but i used the arrays as the question asked me to but not in the proper manner. 😉 “write c program for fibonacci numbers using arrays..stupid programming on my part..what the heck!!! 12 Marks
  7. i cudn’t really understand what this question wanted me to do also …the last part..” write a function to find the smallest of 4 numbers in array n.Use it in a main function to find the smallest of arrays A,B,C and D each with 4 elements …12 Marks if they all contain 4 elements then what do we need to find??? i think we were supposed to find the smallest of alll the elements..atleast that’s what i did…

so that’s what i did today..the next exam is on tuesday… Maths…wont be tooo bad i guess..i’ve adding some of my favorite blog posts on my friends blogs to my google notebook ..its really helpful to me..

i also heard that Airtel is upgrading its net connection to compete with BSNL ..u know 2Mbps ,3gb for 500 plan…something like that from Karthik..he has a Airtel connection..

chal later….

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

6 thoughts on “The CCP Exam”

  1. “the ppl who prepare the vtu papers are the ones whom society cant understnd.” says my frnd….i retorted ‘dats y they screw up our lives’
    all the best of luck man…rite well…

  2. hey u sure you’re not violating any confidentiality agreements by posting those comments? i doubt they allow you to post specifics about the exam questions.

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