Chemistry Exam


i am back for the time being…The Chemistry exam was not aas good as it cud have been …what the heck begins our journey through the VTU syllabus..i think i can scrap about 65-75 marks from this paper..since i cud complete only about 4.5 answers out of 5…not only me most of the people were surprised with the amount of writing we were doing…it was like never ending ..Atleast we know what to expect in the future..coming back home i was totally exhausted and ended sitting on the comp the entire evening…and deleted all the mails in my yahoo inbox with great difficulty( about 2149 mails) updated some software like the DivX,Yahoo Messenger..go thte Indi Chat plug in for the messenger which seems to be goood… also was roaming aronud the net and chckd out some places which i ve forgotten by now ooh ya.. i got the google note book will try it later this month……when i m writing this before loggin off for tonight….

did u ppl chk out the two new pages which are up???

also chk this…

ccp exam here i come….

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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