going on 87!!!

The Past few days were quite eventful…yesterday i met a couple of people,Osbert and Natasha. i haven’t Met in about 10 years or so..the main reason is that they had Migrated to Canada..So like Osbert and me used to go in the same rickshaw[Laxmi] to school way back when i was in the 2nd standard..and he was in the 8-9th..His elder brother Melroy, too was there in the 10th that time. Now those were the Days i am getting too nostalgic..the thing is Melroy is getting Married next friday to Ingrid who i met today. Thats the reason everyone are back in Mangalore ….ohh yeah back then i was really a quiet guy and the uknow”Pet ” of those guys ..They are somehow related to me i guess but i dont quite understand these complicated family relations since i have a couple of friends who are kinda my Uncles too..well thats weird . But i have had a good bit of fun all through since i used to line at my Granma’s place during those Days..I really had some fun yesterday and cudn’t finish my CAED work to be submitted today .anyway …

If you people are wondering why the title says so..well thats the Age of My Great Grandma ,who’s Birthday is today !!!!Happy Birthday to here!!!!!! and i ended up coming back early in order to make it to the party in the afternoon..that was nice… a lot of people were there ..nearly 30..i’ll try to get the Pics soon..Arranged by my Uncle who is always there for the christmas hols…He stay’s in canada..Yah and The People mentioned earlier were met by me at my grandma’s place itself..

Tomoro is the first holy communion of MY Cousin Andrea Gonsalves ..and am gonaa be busy for the night …the next day is New years..i wont be going out to celebrate it mostly an inhouse celebration…well i should be getting serious about my studies you see….because the sems are ooh so near only 12 days left and i have not at all started ..
P.s. Osbert[a CS engineer] has gone to a lot of Rock Concerts including RHCP and All American rejects. thats cool and he’s mostly gonna give me a copy of all the music that he has… and he has a good music collection including the entire works of RHCP..Oh yeah….
Also orkut in under maintenace…13 hours now….Google is having a lot of bad days lately…

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

One thought on “going on 87!!!”

  1. Wow! Belated birthday wishes to your great grandmother!
    Seems like you had fun during christmas….and Happy new year in advance!
    Btw the person in the red tee is you right?

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