Christmas and 26th …

Oh yeah i didnt come to post for the past few days even though i did come online…This Christmas was my first one without a Confession…there’s a first thing for everything ..and anyway i find it too routine…actually i didnt have time shuttling between college and home daily..I also ended up going to LL thats the Liquid Lounge for the uninitiated …but actually with my dad to pick up the Chicken Nuggets… The last time i had gone was with my friends after the Boards on April 7th.also on Tuesday i was back in class doing good old Caed..i Finished the sessionals today and just have to complete all the work by this saturday ,,.the Exams are scaring me with them being sooo near and me not at all started with the studin ..its not like me …
oh yes and when i was coming back on tuesday in hte bus i saw something surprising ..a well dressed guy was wearing a salwar pants on a kurta..i blinked and tried not to stare…what’s the deal with that???Is it some new kind of fashion wearing floral salwar pants???? or maybe he’s one of those Eccentric fashion designers…Anyway thats all for now…Also BSNL screwed up my bill again with the Modem rent showing up as Rs 250..still about 65 MB left for the month….Tomorow is a Holiday and mostly willl be going to my grandma’s place…at Kottara cross…later..And for a wedding at night …i think…..
A new Page tomoro…

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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