9 days Left

well was searching for some funny list of new Year Resolutions and bumped into this place..31left

Also check this all you web geeks

Uncyclopedia of the TIME Article

Also the New Year seems to bring News Already..with the BSNL giving us 2Mbps Speed and also 1GB for the 250 plan users ….Thats really a reason to celebrate!!!!! hope it comes true!!!

The New Review writing is still underway and wont be up for some time…. Me spending too much nowadays at college.Here’s a Skeleton of what i spend everyday

  • Rs 11 for the Rickshaw in the Morning .Cause i am always late to catch the bus at 7:00 and end up talking a rick to RTO.
  • Rs 10 for the Journey to college..thats becoz i take the college bus..5 rupees cheaper than the average express bus…10rupees cheaper if we bribe the conductor..[doesnt work now].
  • Rs 7-9 on the mid morning break..all that listening to lectures makes us Hungry….
  • Rs 10-20 forthe afternoon Meal/food….Whatever else we eat like ice creams and juices just add to the bill.
  • Rs 15 for the evenning Express bus Home…College bus cheaper but has its timings…Who’s gonna wait????

Well so at an average i spend about 60 bucks in all…Not counting the Xeroxs and the other things that come in the way?!!!Soo i’m seriously going bankrupt nowadays..and might Have to contribute to this through my own pocket ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The Christmas season just makes some things tougher..

Chal enough of that sob-story….Got a new CD from My friend Rajat. It’s got RHCP’s Stadium Arcadium…one of My favorite albums right now…Becoming addicted to the Snow song on it ever since the video started showing on VH1…Ther’s more on that CD..with Coldplay,Staind,Godsmack,System Of A down..and Many More…

The Sem is finally come to an end..quite an interesting Odd sem which are said to be the boring ones…The Evens are the “fun” sems….lets seee what the New Year Brings us…..

Thank You.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

2 thoughts on “9 days Left”

  1. i dont get much except a 20 or tenner here and there.
    the canteen food r sux0r but we still do eat that damn gobi! ๐Ÿ˜›

    and oh seriously stuff like xerox notes totally ruin me !
    snow song? the one that goes like hey oh! love the opening guitar in it!


    all the best wishes and cheer,

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