Me and My Beard….

This is a completely narcisistic post and hope u ppl forgive me and move along..

Well this is like  dedicated to my beard!!..Which has been with me for a long time…from being there just in the fringes in the the form it took in the 10th end..peopl have usually seen me now with that and that has become somewhat a trademark of mine..but nowadays a lot of people have begun keeping it …seems lik thats the IN thing now,….But seriously speaking ..It has come a long way along with me and although i was without it for quite some time last was back where it belonged due to my lazy ways..

I have written all my latest boards with it…and also those Entrance exams..studied with it…aced most of the above stuff also..and now am blogging also with it..but for the next few weeks it willl have to go ..The End sems are coming and the people who come fo rthe externals for the labs dont feel very good above people with a beard ,earring ,…etc..or so i have heard..i dont wanna lose any marks on account of that so it will have to go so that some god forsaken teacher gets a good first impression of dear ol inosaint ME..Thinking about the Coconut oiled hair look… 😉 cause as it is i get all confused during the Viva-voce .

Talking about first impressions …well one of my best friends now..thought i was one of those run of the mill guys who fag and booze..i dont know he thought i resembled someone he had met one day ,somewhere..i turned out be completely opposite..a brainy guy who might accompany people who fag and booze ..but not gonna fag and end up drunk  anytime soon [atleast when i am sane!! :D] a little bit of alcohol in the form of wine and Bacardi breezer is OK in my book..although in front of Parents…

Not only him ..even the teachers have a wrong impression about me …. with the new ones usually targetting an asking me a lot of questions  …the funniest thing i have been asked by them??? “Do You Take Chits to the exam??” That really cracked me up and i felt like laughing right in front of her..any way controlled it for my own good!! all becoz i didnt answer a question with out looking into my book..

Hey thats more then enough things i have talked about over here…until i get more stuff to talk on this topics ..bye

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

5 thoughts on “Me and My Beard….”

  1. heyyy! lovely theme.. this is the one from…erm forgot but i know that guy makes lovely themes …LOL

    and aw goatees are so damn cute heh…am sucker for those kind since high school…:P

    the punk mohawks, the grungy lil stubble here n there…thats hawt men! hahahaLOL!

    lovely post 🙂 its nice to grin early in the morning

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