Birthdays,Exams,and More

well yesterday was Karthiks B’day..or was it the day before….!!!anyway we got a treat ..the net amount was a bit tooo easy on Karthik..thats what everyone was saying(especiallly since ppl found out that he had sold his blog..for About $900…thats a lot of money!!!)..since Nitte is in the middle of almost nowhere…theere’s not a lot of places that u can give a treat that can prospectively bankrupt you..its good news for the birtday boys and girls..Most often the treats are the Hangyo  Softy icecreams ..they come cheap at Rs 7..and can be given to a lot more ppl..Mine is sooooo far away!!!!!

On other news …the seniors will be writing their End sems ..come 26th…. VTU ….Their Sem labs are gonig for the past week….Best Of Luck!!!!

Me too will be having my sessionals on monday..Everyone of my friendskeep bragging that “im not at alll prepared for these” time will only telll!!!! well i tooo say the same thing..but im reallly in a bad state,,,….

Also got some functions to attend ..with my Cousin Ancita ‘s First Holy commmunion…and some weddings….

Also finally got Winamp 5.32…..hay gmail  displays the song i want to hear,,,…thanks to sindhu…

Dont know what i willl be doing on 25th..since i dont think we have a holiday…on that day….

Not been around on My friends Blogs or on My reader….because of alll this  new rules in place at home…gotta be going offf. soon

Indian Version of You tube 

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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