Week Old Banter…plus shopping

Well this was supposed to come up a lot earlier than this……but tooo much delays…since now i can access the net only on alternate days…The cough is still there……Well i think this wud be a long post…drawn over the couple of days….

We did finish our chem prac sessionals ..werent too bad….next came thursday…another fine day…nothing much….just people reminding about the pending Caed work..and rumours running about the postponement of the subject to the next sems…already declared by other colleges…plus we are dreadfully slow in the process of covering the portion…….We are lagging in BE also …and i was actulally made to stand in the classs because i didnt want to answer a question asked to the last benches..all the ppl in the classes were like is this the first time you are gettin a punshment?? ..because im the innocent guy.Who Cares…

Well the entire day of friday was spent on Caed work on the comp at the lab[PA college postponed their Caed subject to the next sem…lucky buggers]… Our backs were hurting due to that at the end of the nearly 5 hours..no back support chairs there…just stools..

Saturday came and went…with us getting stuck on the NH 17 for about 45 minutes…got nearly coooked 😀  in that bus….They are finally repairing the road…ther’s hope yet..

Saturday and Sunday also saw mw shopping for clothes and more importantly shoes…ALll the shoes that i saw were like soo costly…evrything starts above 800 ..for the good formals at least,,,.lets not talkk about the sports shoes ok!!!Some Of My new friends are quite surprised that i really like to shop[Stereo typing Guys] 😉  …Well i say who cares as long as it is for me….

But nothing got done on those days…another thing i cudnt update this blog was because as i already have emntioned that i can only use this  net on alternate days…there’shardly anytime for this….with the downloadin that i have to do..got the new winamp…

I recommend : Cochin Bakery Milk Shakes….Thy are really thick!!!!!

ANd i finally did the shopping(well most of it..today )i SPent nearl 200..and still counting….lets see where the final total stops at..

also got screwed at the viva for the CCP labs….since i didnt go prepared for it..Some ppl were at verge of even crying over there…Tomoro is only BE ..3 Freaking Hours of it!!!!!!

See you PPL ..sessionals next weeek …eeeekkkks

Plus VTU is really out to get us,….having postponed the opening Maths exam right next to the Horrible BE exam 😡 there goes our 5 days to study we were relying on

PS how is the songspot widget doing?????

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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