Lost My Voice Again…

well im back for the time being….was sick last week ..throat infection..and i nearly ended up losing my voice again..Me and My mother ended up going to the doctor…and she was like its too cold outside and you travel everyday in those express buses ..so you end up catching the sore throat again and again..[by the way this is ..i think the 4th time im gettin the sorethroat!!!!! after joining college..]..im feeling much better now..the last time i nearly lost my voice was during september 7-10..i had a 4 day holiday then….but this time round luckily i did end up not missing class what with the sessionals going on and the VTU stringent attendance rules!!!
Two lab sessionals are down..and some more are coming up..
Oh,,December, My most favorite month of them all..The time i feel right to just relax..unfortunately the exams just seem to begin after the holiday season…so sad 😦 ..\
Till now December ment the winter hols at the end..10 glorious days….but this month onwards its gonna be a bit different….

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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