Jumbled incoherence

been wanting to write something for something[am i making sense???] for a long time..well for starters you could visit This blog .For the past few days gonig to college has become a drag.i hardly listen to any lectures and dont even know what’s happening even in Math class!!! Due to the lack of Caed classes held i’m already having attendence shortage only in that..how weird..but i feel 15 out of 18 isn’t so bad?? On tuesday we played a trick on our Chem sir.since our CR preponed our classes so that we could go home earlier we were forced to forfeit our lunch break.we came to know that last minute and went out to have our lunch just 5 minutes befroe the class started ..sitting in the canteen .i see out to find all the guys from class comng to the canteen having got the same idea you see..we sit there fo rabout 15 minutes after the class started and then decide to go to class slowly[ who wants to attend it?? šŸ˜› for the attendence ‘s sake] we go in small groups and finally the sir gets fed up and doesnt allow some people to enter the class [me safe inside šŸ˜‰ ] finally he gives way since they stand outside the door itself !! But as a result of that now we seem to have a chem test coming up ,i believe its tomorrow.hardly anyone knows about it you see .Metal finishing!!!

One more weird thing i saw today while coming back on the bus having finished ny pracs i took the bus home and got a seat…We nearly missed a near collision and then at KREC a Ambassador lost a wheel …can you believe that!!!! right in front of us the back left wheel to be exact..lucky for it our driver was going slow enough to avoid a collision….Nothing happened to the car except a dent to the road .
The road just seems to be getting worse day by day …….

The New Bond is gonna be released soon on 17 th….

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

2 thoughts on “Jumbled incoherence”

  1. Bunkin coll is no prob da..but once we decide to stop bunking and get serious,some idiotic lecturer catches with some gal or near the canteen..thats a big headache

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