Man And God

WHile i was reading the comments in the article How Hubble Killed God  . 
one of the best posts i have read in recent times..@!!! and one of the posts with over 280 comments!!! what the!!!! i have picked up one of My favorites here

Elroy Jettson:

Acknowledging the possibility that Einstein’s Special Relativity theory might eventually be proven correct, this merely reinforces my suspicion that the Creator is/was/will be a hot blonde female physics graduate student and we are the mid-term exam. Rationale:

1. No sense of time but very good at confusing the heck out of everyone else with it;
2. Exceptionally excellent visual design component integration with diametrically opposite intellectual depth;
3. Occasional flashes of brilliance in concept (Einstein, Fermi, Planck, Newton, Aristotle, Pythagorus, Bach, Lizst, Hawking, etc.) but generally substandard mass production (republicans, democrats, religious bigots, televangelists, etc.)
4. Eager to demonstrate diversity of skills (copious species, geni, phyli, races, languages, dialects, skin colors, etc.) but failure to integrate common components to ensure survivability of all (war, disease, natural disasters, etc.)
5. No proofs accompanying the experiment to backtrack the process

Get a grip, folks: If you haven’t figured out by now that Existence is one big, incredibly huge poetic joke and the only reason we’re here is to provide the punch line, you deserve all the stupor of thought that your wee little minds can fathom!

(No actual sacred icons were hurt in the production of this message)

 well the entire comment column was filled up with people trying to put up stuff they thought was right and i found out some really nice stuff..i have read about a 70 comments..and am now bored of the same ideas like God existing or not,battle of the religions,atheist,…anyway i have featured the link on my blogroll tooo..which seems to be getting tooo cluttered …..i personally dont subscribe to the view that the god exists only for our sake and we were a measured result of his thinking ..hey im being philosophical for my own good.what the heck..i seem to be just an average “practising” catholic teenager ..but who the hell am i kidding …im no devotee … The idea of God was required in the ol ages to control people and give them a set of rules to live by..thus resulting in a civilised society. well all these comments are mine ..and i dont think i have insulted anyone…

If there were no God, it would be necessary to invent him.

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2 thoughts on “Man And God”

  1. Hi Kenneth,

    It truly is an amazing image. I was totally astounded by the reaction the article got. Went to bed with one comment and woke to find 120. I understand the provocative nature of the article, but I genuinely had no intention to offend, just to get people on both sides of the faith fence to stop and think about the significance of that photo. The POV I put across after seeing that image was what I thought and I accept that people on the other side of that fence interpret it differently. There’s nothing wrong with that. How some people chose to express themselves in the comments at the site was disappointing (there’s another 377 comments at Digg!), but the article’s been linked by so many now, so it’s obviously a talking point. Thanks for seeing fit to post it here and adding your own thoughts.

    My blog is pretty new and multi-faceted and my latest post is very different to this one. A lot of people seem to like it.

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