Caution to the winds!!

I really shouldn’t be here updating ..but what can i say im really an addict .Today was pretty much a normal day..except for the sessionals..Math Was Easy again what with PRR sir practically giving the Part A of Math paper in his Tutorial class[clever us copied them from the tutorial that’s another 25/25 for me!!!!! 😀 ]. Chem was a serious pain because we had 3.5 chapters to complete in just a single day!![Thank You Karnataka Rajyothsava!!] The exam was pretty ok and i think i can manage a good 20 marks in it….

tomorrows BE and ES ..well BE sould Hopefully be quite easy but ES is something that we are left to tackle with since we dont know anything at all. lets leave it that for now..will update tomorrow in the afternoon mostly..

By the way ,Yesterday the process to rename the Karnataka cities with their Kannada names has been initiated and in another 45 days that should be completed. The NH17 is stink added to it ..some weird smell only smelt on the worst part of the road. Meanwhile the Four Laning work has been initiated and seriously speaking that rough road prepared seems to be more smooth than the actual road!!!! 😛

Gotta go and get  the Photos for the Semester exams Form which i gotta go and submit tomorrow..

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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