cRAzy broadband bill

was away from writing for a while…these hols whenever i come onlin to do some blogging i end up chatting with friends of mine thus hardly getting anything done ..went out to meet some more people and a movie seems to be on the cards soon ..also took another driving lesson with my too lazy to drive.

Yesterday spent most of my time at my home.Was shocked by the bsnl bill..!!! 😦 Rs 3668 +500+125=4293!!!! WTF it cant be humanly possible by my standards to run into such a huge bill…This the second time those people are doing a mistake.two in a row!!!!and their own page shows that ive not even exceeded the 1GB limit!!!/*only .988GB*/…am mostly gonna go on monday to sort this stuff out.

Also it seems nowadays people who ive not met in a long time seem to think that ive joined and keep asking me hows it??? /*What the>>>>>*/

I went for a wedding the other night ,with my dad,thought it might be just another boring one for me..i only enjoy if its in my own family..But was pleasantly surprised to find that lot of people i know were there..apparently the groom’s brother is in Aloysius II BBM so some “bad boy”seniors of mine were there, some others who i know too were there ,so nice.And that wedding was the first one i attended where due to popular demand rock songs were played LIVE!! Knocking On Heaven’s Door,Hotel California,Pink Floyd,
Sultans of swing…etc.god i loved a concert,front row…lovely leads /*courtesy of those Aloysius guys,they asked for the songs*/:P

another day today..and yesterday Akshata reminded me that we have assignments to complete../*boring*/
but what to do 3 more days .hope i finish them..ccp and chem,so long. 😉

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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