on the 19th

well finally we got a break from college..5 whole days..and i kickstarted them with fun all ready.My friends from bangalore will be coming and also we are planning to meet up with as many people as we can !! Well today afternoon saw me at Claud’s place ..long time..He’s My best friend for more than 6 years..Met a new guy called Lennon ,Guitarist and well claud was on the drums..Claud’s dad owns “Prophecy” ,a band in mangalore so he knows quite a lotta instruments..so there i was enjoying the music .
Later Hugh ,claud’s cousin gave us a taste of the Alpine music system in his Swift. Vibrating!!!
By that time Rohit showed up and then we started talking ..since we had not met in a long time. the power was out and nothing else to do.later i went to Rohit’s place just like that and was back by 7:30 to my home sweet home.and nagging my sister to learn more of the guitar.Went online at about 9:30 and found a lotta people onlin ,talked with sindhu,pradeep,royston,…
Going to meet Rahul,Arun,Pradeep mostly today.

Have got my hands on a R.K.Narayan Book “Mr.Sampath”.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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