Friday the 13th

Friday the thirteenth was truly a day filled with all sort of s**t Plus 4 hours of CAD,i Missed the college bus in the morning, but reached at almost the same time as the college bus.Couldn’t understand a word of CAD[since we didn’t have the textbook with us,and the teacher decided to teach with reference to the textbook dictating the page no.of the problem] and decided to read the college calender that we got that day,pointing out the mistakes to people around me,the 4th hour was free and we spent it at the free net lab,me getting the orkut pc ,discovered hi5 had a new look to it with a video ability ,so far so good. Came back to class to find lot of people finishing up their CAD home work which i had completed(so-so).During the afternoon the Huge ‘bomb’ was dropped the teacher declared that he would collect our CAD workbooks today!!! what the!! .It caught everyone unawares 😦 . The Rest of the two hours saw us all rushing to complete the homework .I think i completed it [most of it].But poor Karthik still had 4(problems) more to go when the teacher decided to collect the books an hour b4 the class ended (pracs are for 3hours).
Well with that out of the way we came out of the class only to find it raining,walked a bit to get the bus (two sharing my umbrella).got in and had to stand for 80% of the journey…luckily all the people from class were near by ,so it was not boring.Question: Why do Girls sing Antakshari when they travel by bus[even private]????.was so tired when i reached home that i slept for 2 hours and then here i am updating this….so that was my friday the thirteenth..Upcoming events:Tomorow’s Rajath’s Birthday 🙂 ..,Sunday Claas with Wednesday timetable 😦

Listening to Blink 182’s Adam’s song,oK GO !!![the video..too good..never gets old]

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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