Yahoo Time Capsule

Well this is something i found in the newspaper at the news paper,while i was waiting for my friend to get his library book .Apparently Yahoo is setting up a time capsule ,and asking all the people all over the world to contribute what they feell like doing, Everything is tobe based on the human experience regarding.”The ten themes are: Love, Sorrow, Anger, Faith, Beauty, Fun, Past, Hope, Now, and You.” and has to be submitted in a digital format.

At the moment ,the love topic is leading in contributions(over 1000) while the anger topic is lagging behind(103). when i was checking i found that 83 indians had already contributed.And Women have submitted more then men.i Had also read in the news that they might send a copy of the capsule into space.and that they are going to open the buried capsule again during the 25th anniversary of Yahoo! in 2020,.well there’s also a blog to see called Encapsulated:a time capsule ,but i couldn’t find a link!
“For 30 days, from October 10 until November 8, Yahoo! users worldwide can contribute photos, writings, videos, audio – even drawings – to this electronic anthropology project. This is the first time that digital data will be gathered and preserved for historical purposes.

In addition to submitting your own content, you can view, read, or hear the images, words, and sounds contributed by users from around the world.

You can also comment on the content you and others have submitted – and engage in a digital conversation that is just as revealing and important as any of the content you’ll witness.

And by November 8, you will have helped create a digital legacy of our times, a mosaic of revealing snapshots that will be sealed and entrusted to Smithsonian Folkways Recordings based in Washington D.C., officially taking its place in history.”

All italiczed sentences have been plagiarized from Yahoo!!
And here’s a blog link, for more stuff
[its not yahoo’s ,just something i found on the web!!!,very informative]

Author: inosaint

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One thought on “Yahoo Time Capsule”

  1. Hi,

    All time capsules are flawed because they are edited… We choose what we will put in.

    I have been studying time capsules for the last 2 years and to have a time capsule that is more than trivial there needs to be a clear contributor and most of all a relevant recipient. If there is a relation between both (such as parent-child) then any communication is of value.

    Why all this research? for my own childrend… This lead me to create

    I still applaude Yahoo with their initiative.

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