Ahoy Mates!!!

well this started as a presentation during the english class and got converted into this blogpost…since im so experienced!!!
SO well NH 17 ….well i travel daily by that road an have had a lotta “fine” experiences…to most of the people..travelling thru that 3 km stretch of Road from Panambur to Surathkal is like goin thru hell!!! especially if u sit at the end of the bus!!!:) The road is so deteriotated..that people have nicknamed it the Ocean…since its like a simulation of a ocean cruise..what with all the Huge bumps..Somehow we travel UP an DOWN…quite literally on that road…no way does it represent the highway.. but bearing more resemblance to the road from some war ravaged country after heavy shelling!!!..;)
There have actually been strikes..innovative ones too held to get this road repaired by the
government..but to no avail!!!! we still go on those back breaking roads…The authorities further blame the Monsoons and the Ore laden lorries for the damage inflicted on the roads….why dont they think why on particular stretches of the road is actually deteriorated and not the whole Highway….
Here’s what i believe in:
Well All over India we drive on the left of the road
…while here we drive on whats left of the road!!!

some links i googled #1

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