The Kite Runner

Finally Here’s the book review that i was talking about…its of a little known book called ‘The Kite Runner-Khaled Hosseini’

The publisher Bloomsbury who brought to us the extremely successful Harry Potter Series now bring to us this good book…the kite runner was released in 2003 but came to india only lately!!! My friend Nitya had read it long back and told me to read it and when i was in bangalore for the CET counselling i grabbed a counterfeit copy from the road side for Rs 75….Definitely Paisa Vasool!

Now where was i >>>oh yah the book..The book is definitely a contemporary work based on the unrest of the 1970-80’s Afghanistan,and the present state of the devasted country…Its about a couple of boys who lived in Kabul in 1975,called Amir and Hassan….Both belonged to different castes,Amir is a Pashtun[a sunni muslim] while Hassan is a Hazara[a shi’a muslim] and the writer shows us the social divide between the master and the servant…Amir the rich boy and Hassan the Servant boy….Hassan is extremely devoted to Amir and does whatever Amir tells him to..”For You ,A Thousand Times Over” are the recurring and the most haunting lines of this book said by Hassan…Hassan lived with his father crippled Ali at Amir ‘s House.Twelve year old Amir wants to gain his father’s favour and resolves to win the local kite flying competition,Hassan Helps him..but what happens on the day of the competition changes their life for ever!!! ..
This book chronicles the life of Amir ,the life in Kabul,His Escape Journey out of Afghanistan into Pakistan with his Father who is only referred to as BaBa,and finally to America leaving most of what they owned behind and starting a new life there until the past catches up with Amir..He is pressed into making a very difficult choice and pay for his Mistakes ..

im not revealing any more of the story here….try to grab a copy of the book and read it ,,,its really a Heartbreaking and contemplative story..and to tell you frankly it really depressed me While reading it .Cause it shows us the conditions of the people living in Afghanistan under the Brutal Taliban…the human right violations that took place and the exploitation of women and children.
It was a Delight like no book ive read ,its exquiste ,exotic and enlightning to the readers.

Newspaper reviews:The Times described it as “Hosseini is a truly gifted teller of tales…He’s not afraid to pull every string in your heart to make it sing”.
The daily Telegraph review:”A devastating ,materful and painfully honest story.”

im looking forward for more books like this….
So until the next time :`)

Note on the Author: Khaled Hosseini was born in Afghanistan and his family recieved olitical asylum in the usa in 1980.He is a doctor by profession and lives in California.This is his first novel
Rating.***** [definietly a 5 star book!!!! :)) ]

Thank you to all my sources.

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