Back to school, i mean college

i Cant believe it but i did go to college today…woke up at 5:45 due to my alarm and sat on the around 7 ,without breakfast just decide to go to RTO,which is soo close,to check out whether the college bus was going to come.the college bus didn’t come bus the private busses sure were up and running! πŸ™‚
we hopped into the first one..three of us.Seniors decided to give it a miss.No one was in a mood to go to college to listen to more boring stuff especially after the sessionals being postponed! πŸ˜€ ..
But there’s no need to celebrate yet cause it seems our sundays will end up being sacrificied for these holidays 😦 that would mean endless weeks without weekends!!!!!!!!!!!
We ended up comin back to Mangalore today in the afternoon itself courtesy the Mangaloreans in our class who decided that staying in class was too much of a thing to ask.
The suprising thing was in the first bus there was only Madhu from my class while the reat were most likely to be still in their beds..but most people turned up by 10:15,an hour into the CCP pracs,while we were happily completing our records in between doing the c-programs.
My mom has to go for a minor surgery today and so that me and the others at home have to manage somehow!!! washing ,cooking,sweeping!!!but anyway i think i can manage it.(hahahahaha).

ive been thinking of changing the wordpress theme since i cant find widgets on for some days there will be lot of theme changes.Plus this curfew being so boring i ended up finally setting up th encarta 2006 encyclopedia ,a year after i got it!!!(too lazy ,since i had already had the 2005 version up and running).

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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