sessionals have been postponed!!!!!!hurrah

Yesterday also brought some good news towards the evening ..the rumours of our sessionals being postponed for a week were really too good.Yesterday was also the day i set up the radio on the sony system!! the radio is the best way to get the latest news,with updates being there every hour.Tv be Damned! šŸ™‚ we get only AIR 100.3 FM.well back to the sessionals news.well i called sme people in the evening only to find that there’s a rumour about the postponing of the exams.that got me excited and got me online to check out what the truth really is.i found offline messages and scraps all proclaiming the goodnews.i called some people just to make sure.Night saw me online again ,but this time on messenger!!!,a lotta of my friends were online.Rohit even changed his display name to LONG LIVE THE CURFEW.since even the Fr.Mullers exams were postponed like ours .so it seems like there’s another week left to study…like we will 8)
—————————————————————————————– Went out today when the curfew was lifted in the morning seems like everything will return to normal by tomorow.but what i saw was chaos and traffic jams,the people still trying to get stuff,police trying to reroute everyone..couldn’t see any traffic police men.!!The prices have indeed been escalated what with Tomatoes going for Rs25/kg,beans for 30,garlic for 25per 1/4 kg.but there’s also been a lotta waste of the vegetables which had stayed unsold due to the bandh and have decayed over there. Fresh stocks seem to be coming .just imagine the state of the poor who cant afford these sky high prices,and the day wagers. we got some stuff ourselves. The politicians started blaiming each other yesterday and kept blabbering something or the other.the police undertook the flag march to show that they are in the control of the situation.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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