Attack of the bloggers!!!

    Attack Of the Bloggers…

Well after the article on Readers digest last month this is the second one that im reading about blogging..and this time its on the people in India!!!!!!!!!
“Seems Like Everyone who Breathes oxygen is on the web telling about it” says Tom Hawthorn the writer of the Readers Digest blog article…..He Has even written the article in a blog based form…reading it i started thinking seriously about blogging…..and this time its about the people who blog for a living in india appeared in THe WEEK …”Industry Analysts[i didnt kno they existed for blogs too!!] say that blogging as we know it is in the process of evolution>>>>>from the days of personal diaries to playing an active role in natual disasters,internet censorship and corporate blogging.”as it matures they feel that there are going to be niche blogs only catering to a particular segment of the human population….

The term Blog originated as ‘weblog’,coined by Jorn Barger an American ,in 1997,who edits the Robot Wisdom Blog…..Eventually The word was shortened to blog,and even the OXFORDS ENGLISH DICTIONARY has Accepted the word into its vocalbulary.well Apparently the blogosphere today is huge and seems to be growing at an healthy rate too.Technorati itself tracks 56.3 Million Blogs dailyand 1.6 billion links.
But the numbers arent much in a country like india where blogging is still in its infantile stage..India might Have only about 1 million blogs. But there are some good ones, which have been mentioned in the article ,like the one by Amit aggarwal ,an iitian who left his job and is apparently india’s first professional blogger!! there are others too who seem to have caught up with the scheme of things and have set up blogs and they only seem to be growing more..and covering most of the topics like stocks,cooking,tech .,etc.mong my friends not many are blogging and not many even might know what a blog is ? .but im not surprised ,i might even see them in the blogosphere soon since ive been telling to read my blog and start one of their own.
i Actually own one blog on rediff iLand but have pretty much given it up since it doesnt have a lotta features like wordpress,which has the Movable Type software,a weblog publishing platform that allows any bumbling idiot who knows how to type on the keyboard, thus explaining the sudden surge in the number of bloggers online .Blogging is good since it improves our knowledge as well as our writing skills..eventhough it might be addictive but it helps in the spread of news and views.offering first hand experience on the most obscure topics..i think this will be my blog for the next couple of my engg. years.And so Here starts my affair with blogs.

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