WTF!! Bandh day #4

this is getting to creepy what with us stuck inside our houses here in mangalore…i’ve been talking to some friends who stay in the affected areas..and it doesn’t seem to be good…day 3 had a lotof casualities ..lot more property destroyed and people killed,buildings stoned at …nearby i heard someone was hit yesterday on the road by the people on a motor bike…also at my dad’s old branch ,SBI at Ullal yesterday,vehicles were torched in front of branch.the people someow managed to close the shutters and get the hell outta there!!

Also apparently the hostels in the vicinity of Ullal have beensuffering due to lack of food supplies..the KSHEMA girls hostel has been pelted with stones thus raising the amount of security around them…the city buses are still out of sight …i went aagain in the morning in a futile attempt to catch the college bus ..not many turned up …seems like yesterday the teachers did take attendance…at college…very few people had turned up.

Been wondering on whats happened to some more of my friend and will call them today…..

Section 144 imposed yesterday seems to have been to no use..because today the shoot at sight orders have been issued…i went around Statebank to find a lot of police stirring around ..nothing has happened over there because of that…the inspector who stays near my house has been getting a lot of calls since yesterday night….

to end on a lighter note ,,,we really need it

here’s something about the Ig-nobels

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