bandh day #3

hey so today is another day ..another holiday.. didn’t want to go to coll today anyway..was way too sleepy got up at the usual time and then karthik called me to ask what to do..that started me up on calling up a lotta people on what to do..seems like everyone except me were thinking of going to coll” if the bus comes”…so came online to check the latest news…then decided to go and check the main road to assess the private busses were on the road…only private vehicles.met a friend of mine going to statebank and decided to go with him to see whether anyone is actually going to college…on reaching RTO found a lotta people going back home since the college bus hadn’t yet we too trudged back home…and i got hold of a copy of the environmental science text from my friend thats the best thing that happened today…

so long …and all you idle people check this link… old one i think….got it long back ..please dont use opera to see it.

Author: inosaint

designer. data viz aficionado. evil genius. product designer at gojek.

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